St. Pauli skull and crossbones

Pirates were popular, local patriotism is trending and Texmen is located in the Clements Schulz Straße in Hamburg/Germany.
We are producing around one hundred new t-shirt designs in our screen printing facilities each year
and it is time to design a new visual emblem for our favorite part of town between Millerntor and the Elbe.
St. Pauli.
What best symbolizes the affiliation to our unique district?
It is in the heart of St. Pauli, across from the Bar Centrale,
where Steph Braun is designing a logo which has since become a cult symbol – the St. Pauli skull and crossbones.
A unique combination of an anatomically sketched skull
and two crossed bones with the St. Pauli text mark underneath is what we all know today as the iconic symbol.

This new design was taken into the Texmen t-shirt catalogue and was first supplied
to a few shops in Hamburg such as Zardoz, Shörtz and the FC St. Pauli Fanshop.
This is when the hype started and our production increased expanding the range to Sweatshirts,
Caps and Zippo lighters – there were even plans to label Beer cans with the symbol.

st. Pauli Skull

St. Pauli skull and FC St. Pauli soccer fans

The iconic St. Pauli skull and crossbones was not only popular in Hamburg,
it became a viral phenomenon which lead to quite a few cases of plagiarism despite copyrights.
A brand is easier defended, which is why we filed a trademark on 02.07.1996.
What started as a t-shirt design for our loved quarter soon turned into a symbol for FC St. Pauli soccer fans.
In September of 1999, the brand ‚DE-Marke 396 10 901 St. Pauli‘ was sold to the FC. St. Pauli Marketing company.
After thirty years of printing the St. Pauli skull and crossbones, Texmen is still producing
all sorts of official merchandise for the St. Pauli soccer club here in Hamburg.

Thanks to Timothy for the translation.