Texmen Textile Printing

Your Silk Screening Force in Germany.

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Texmen offers textile screen printing.
Quality merchandise at competitive prices,
lightning quick turnaround times and reliable service.
Texmen provides advice.
When it comes to shapes and colors, fabrics and cuts.
Texmen prints for everyone.
Whether you do advertising or fashion design,
whether you’re girl scouts or the Rolling Stones.
Texmen is your partner.
Pragmatic and loyal, from the first coffee to the last shirt.

We can supply.

You are a well established firm in the fashion industry and you are looking to have your new collection manufactured?
You’ve got innovative ideas and you are starting your own label?
Your company needs t-shirts for a promotion event and stock up your merchandise?
You need t-shirts for your graduation party? Your technicians need new uniforms?

Welcome at Texmen, your specialist for unique textiles. We offer high quality screen printing, specific upgrading, label development and production. With us you will get on-time delivery and straight forward advice.

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Mahagony Apparel Kollektion2019-07-16T15:12:40+02:00
Trinity Agency DOP T-Shirt2018-06-05T14:02:27+02:00
Rise Against2017-11-14T13:30:39+01:00
G20 – Geschlossen.2020-12-10T14:14:46+01:00
Beach me – Beachvolleyball Kollektion2017-06-09T17:30:59+02:00

Texmen Facts & equipment:

  •  dimension: 400 qm
  •  staff member: 6
  •  TAS 10 col. screenprinting machine with laser register
  • 3 x Calmat flash cure dryer MCC 5050T
  •  HIX NP-3613 dryer
  • HIX digital press
  •  Mimaki plotter
  • max. performance: 5000pcs/day

At Texmen we provide you with the highest quality merchandise using state of the art screen printing equipment. And we deliver quickly: Our automated machines are capable of 600 impressions per hour.


On Time Service. No Delays.

We don’t mean to brag though we are positive to be one of the quickest screen printing shops. The experience of the past twenty years shows: You can get more done in a day than one would expect. We can not do magic but occasionally we get pretty close. Give us a try.

We’d like to hear from You, get in touch with us!

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